About O-CITY

Adopted by more than 130 cities worldwide,
O-CITY is an innovative automated fare collection solution designed by BPC, a leading banking and payment firm with in excess of 350 clients across more than 100 countries.

O-CITY is an automated fare collection platform designed with both
residents and operators in mind. The platform utilises innovative
technology such as EMV open loop systems to deliver a seamless
and frictionless payment experience.

The platform is hardware agnostic, which makes it easy to deploy
across any type of transport or merchant terminal. It leverages
the cloud SaaS model to ensure centralised management across
the city payment network, while enabling operators to scale up
without making additional infrastructure investment.

O-CITY helps transport operators, municipalities, parking, toll and other city service providers to digitalise payment experience of commuters not only through conventional channels, but through QR, NFC and powerful mobile-ticketing technology as well. Introducing O-CITY mobile application helps to improve the travel experience, drives contactless agenda and enhances multi-modal environment.

Download the free copy of O-CITY brochure and learn how we can help you!







Download your free copy of O-CITY brochure and learn how we can help you!

Key figures


5 data centres wordwide


3 million transactions a day


130 cities across the globe


25% of global mass transit card payments managed

Who we serve

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Transport operators

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Bank acquirers

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Entertainment sector

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Toll road service providers

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Intercity service operators

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Your benefits

Easy enrollment

Enrollment is simple and does not require extensive training of employees on using the
mobile application for validating commuter e-tickets, meaning the technology can be introduced and become operational within a few days.

Modern functionality

O-CITY offers a modern set of functionality to help users and operators on the journey. The user can create their own account as part of the enrollment process as well as track balance on linked card, search routes, view historical journeys and payments, purchase e-tickets through mobile.


O-CITY mobile application is adaptive and can be configured to suit the business needs. It can be used for e-ticketing and e-admissions in various places such as museums, concerts, events acting as ID. Through the application the user can seach and puchase tickets, subscribtion plans

Key features

centralized fee management
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Centralised fare collection and management of operations
Mobile application for users, inspectors, operators
Segmentation and seat and e-ticket management
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360 degree view of activities through mobile and web app
Open APIs