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Solution for Parking

Adopted by more than 130 cities worldwide, O-CITY is an innovative automated fare collection solution designed by BPC, a leading banking and payment firm with in excess of 350 clients across more than 100 countries.

O-CITY is an innovative parking solution for automated payment collection that uses open loop technology to support any payment method. O-CITY creates a unified digital experience that makes parking more attractive to drivers. Developed as a hardware independent solution, it provides the flexibility and speed to market required to launch new payment services for public services rapidly while minimising upfront investment.

O-CITY solution for parking offers:

  • Location of parking using QR code, area code or GPS
  • Referencing plate numbers to mobile app for easier
  • Setting the duration of the stay in two clicks
  • Paying using any instrument of consumers choice
  • Extension of duration of stay through the mobile app

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Key figures


5 data centres wordwide


3 million transactions a day


100 cities across the globe


25% of global mass transit card payments managed

Your benefits

Multiple payment methods

Open-loop systems enable payers to use a single account with multiple payment methods - bank card, Digital ID, eWallet,
dynamically generated QR code, co-branded and contactless cards using Mastercard, Visa, UPI or any local networks.

Reduction in fare evasion

With digitization of payments via mobile app or bank card, the solution improves safety and reduces fraud on parking lots. As a hardware agnostic, EMV-compatible solution, all payments become contactless which reduced fare evasion incentive from the drivers.

Mobile application

O-CITY mobile application helps drivers quickly locate and pay for parking in one click. With the application, the driver receives a full 360 degree view of their historical parking usage.

Key features

centralized fee management
Centralised fare and subsidy management


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EMV support
monitoring and control
Routes monitoring and control
Open APIs