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O-CITY for Rail transport operators

Adopted by more than 130 cities worldwide,
O-CITY is an innovative automated fare collection solution designed by BPC, a leading banking and payment firm with in excess of 350 clients across more than 100 countries.

O-CITY uses open-loop technology with flexible fare settings, which allow operator to manage etickets with more precision and efficiency, while providing paperless digital journey experience to  passengers.

O-CITY platform for Rail operators provides:

  • Centralised fare managent
  • Support of various types of fare (zonal, one-time, subscribtion etc.) 
  • Reduction of fare evasion
  • Paperless smart ticketing
  • Various Payment choices for passengers: cards, QR-code, mobile, face recognition, NFC, USSD and more
  • Mobile application for users and conductors
  • Modern infrastructure

Download a free copy of O-CITY for Rail operators brochure now and learn more how we can help.







Interested in learning more about O-CITY solution for Rail operators? Download a free copy of a brochure.

Key figures


5 data centres wordwide


3 million transactions a day


130 cities across the globe


25% of global mass transit card payments managed

Your benefits

Unified payment experience

O-CITY open architecture makes it easy to integrate with third party services and enables a single payment experience, with clearing and settlement and full transparency for all parties. The services can be extended and offered through partners such as super apps or merchants for best customer travel experience.

Hybrid technology

O-CITY is an open-loop system with a hybrid technology. The platform can be configured to accept not only open loop fare media, such as bank cards, QR-codes, Bar-codes etc but also closed-loop payments such as transport cards and loyalty cards, which means that payments can also be made using a card issued by the transport provider.

E-ticketing and seat management

With O-CITY rail service provider can easily manage seats and e-tickets fares, catering for various passenger segments. The ticket marketplace available through mobile or desktop provides passengers with flexibility of choosing the seat and additional services offered by rail operator, while helping to centrally monitor and manage all data for the latter. 

Key features

centralized fee management
mobile application user
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Centralised fare collection
Mobile application for commuters and inspectors
E-ticketing management
monitoring and control
Reduction in fare evasion
Open APIs