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Digitise your ticketing experience with our automated fare collection system

Adopted by more than 130 cities worldwide, O-CITY is an innovative, automated fare collection solution designed by BPC, a leading banking and payment firm with in excess of 350 clients across more than 90 countries.

O-CITY was born from the vision of digitalising micro-payments across cities as a key driver for a cashless economy and improving the wellbeing of citizens and visitors. With O-CITY, governments, public transport operators and merchants can deliver a frictionless payment experience at every touch point (tollgate, bus, train, subway, parking facility, bike rental or tourist attraction) leveraging smart, digital and open technologies. Citizens and visitors can around move around easily and make fast payments using their mobile or existing bankcard, removing the need for cash or queuing at a ticket counter.

Healthcare, banking and insurance have had their digital transformation. With advances in technology, the world is ready to move to a cashless society and contactless payments and O-CITY is in the vanguard of this movement across the world.

Our Mission

To empower transport operators and governments to provide an easy, secure and transparent city payment experience.

Our Vision

We believe in smart, open and networked cities where people have easy access to services and technology in their daily lives.

Our Goals

Making the city open

With open-loop payment technology, the city becomes more open to travellers and citizens who can access all the services it has to offer using the payment method of their choice.

Ensuring an inclusive service
User-friendly and easy to implement fare collection makes services accessible to all.
Embedding payments into daily life
Paying for a bus or metro journey with a tap of a card or touch of a mobile makes payments ‘invisible’, allowing them to become embedded into daily life.
Making an impact

Transforming the way payments are made across cities and contributing to the evolution of a cashless society.

Why us

City payment experience

Payments cannot be improvised; they require high security, instant and real-time processes. With O-CITY you have access to a team of experts that enable payment fulfillment at national level in addition to an e-commerce best-in-class checkout experience, blending the latest innovations in customer payment experience.

A collaborative approach to co-create the future of smart cities

The O-CITY team takes a partnership approach when it comes to engaging on a new project. Our experts are present from inception onwards, ensuring you reap the benefits of O-CITY while we provide 24/7 support for cities that do not sleep

A robust platform

O-CITY leverages innovation developed at BPC, an award-winning payment solution provider. The O-CITY solution has been built from the ground up, thus removing any legacy technology while incorporating the lessons learned from payment solutions delivered to 300 financial institutions across 90 countries.

O-CITY for diversity

O-CITY is used in cities of all sizes across the globe, but especially in developing markets across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the CIS region. Beyond our solution expertise, we understand how to make city payments user friendly for all segments of the population from the tech savvy to the new user. Our research has demonstrated that starting with city payments across transport leads to increased usage of digital payments at merchants as well as digital banking adoption, thus driving cashless behaviours.

O-CITY as a SaaS or joint venture model

O-CITY can be implemented as a solution or in a joint venture model. Our experience as both a service provider and an operator helps us share invaluable insights on building greenfield smart city projects from the ground up, covering the end to end traveler and citizen experience. Benefit from our experience to deliver a successful project.

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