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O-CITY for Education

O-CITY uses an account based principles, which allows students to use as ID tags cards, digital tokens or any other smart card or device or dynamically generated QR code used as a key to be tied to a unified account, information on which is centrally stored on the server.


The O-CITY solution has prompted a positive behaviour shift towards the usage of digital instruments and mindset shift to contactless agenda.

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Campus Friendly

Account-based technology of O-CITY, requires the changes to be made not in the issued token or ID card of the student, but only on the central server, improving the management of policies and rules around the campus, student management and security. 

Store and track records of:
  • Services provided 
  • Issued books and materials 
  • Academic performance and attendance 
  • Medical indicators and recommendations 
  • Assignments and personal recommendations from teachers


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  • Webportal with interface
  • Mobile Application
  • Quick recovery of ID tag
  • Various access medias
  • Partners discounts
  • Grades tracking


  • Tracking of activites
  • Improved control
  • Webportal
  • Transparency
  • Notifications set-up


  • Tasks management
  • Webportal
  • Modern e-learning environment
  • Professional experience sharing
  • Reporting capability

University administration

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  • Various payment medias
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Heirarchy management
  • Access Management
  • Lists Management
  • Segmentation management

Attractive for Partners

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Various payment schemes acceptance

Being open-loop technology, O-CITY can accept any local or internationally branded credit and debit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, Meeza, AMEX, Diners, making O-CITY solution suitable for any partnership scheme in campus.

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Open APIs

The O-CITY platform provides open APIs which enable additional parties to plug into the campus ecosystem, facilitating the introduction of new payment instruments or applications, improving the campus services.

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Network extension

O-CITY supports unlimited additions of partners to its ecosystem, which makes its ideal for inviting additional partners of campus into a network, be it independent libraries, museums, swimming pools, catering or other facilities useful for students. 

Key features for education facilities

Centralised campus access system
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Concession management
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e-Learning portal
Tasks management
centralized fee management - white
Fare media management
monitoring and control - white
Risk Management
Account based - color w
Big Data access
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Easy enrollment of students

Real life use cases of the O-CITY platform


As part of its drive toward digital transformation and smart city programmes, Bishkek embarked on an innovative project to move away from the use of cash. 

Download the case study to discover how O-CITY's automated fare collection met these challenges head-on.

Download the Bishkek case study
O-CITY cs Bishkek cover


‘Tullave’, the card provided by Recaudo Bogota in a closed-loop card system, posed some challenges: costly usage, outdated infrastructure, limited choice of payment methods and low speed of service. 

Switching to O-CITY's complete open-loop payment system enabled customers to pay using the payment instrument of their choice.

Download the Bogota case study
O-CITY Bogota cover CS


The Ministry of Transport decided to engage in an ambitious digital transformation programme to automate public transport fare collection. 

Download the case study to learn how the O-CITY platform offers a turnkey solution.

Download the Uzbekistan case study
O-CITY Uzbekistan cover CS


Making payments across Kenya 100% digital and cashless and removing the need for print tickets were the key objectives of this project.Kenya on it's way to contactless payments.

Learn all about the journey by downloading the case study.

Download the Kenya Matatu case study
O-CITY Kenya cover

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