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O-CITY for metro service operators

Metro services have become a problem-solver when it comes to reducing traffic congestion. But the metro is not just a mode of transport - it is part of a wider smart city infrastructure that speeds up the movement of passengers across cities as well as connecting city centres to their suburbs and beyond. In order to meet modern transport service quality requirements a different approach to collection of fares (the first touch point with a passenger) is required.

Adopted by over 120 cities worldwide, O-CITY brings a smart solution to modernise public transport with best passenger experience using automation, and electronic ticketing in addition to digitise the purchase of an e-ticket through a click, a tap of a card or a wave of a mobile device.


Set your own tariff

O-CITY uses open loop technology with flexible fare settings so that passengers can quickly and conveniently pay for their travel, while metro service operators can effectively manage their network and data.

Operators can set:
  • Entry and exit billing
  • One-time billing with an inspector
  • One-time billing when buying a ticket
  • Tariffication of travel for a month or a long period of time
  • Tariffication by the number of trips
  • Tariffs based on the user's social segment, subsidised tariffs
  • Zonal tariffication

Flexible payment options

mobile application user

Mobile application

Customers can pay for their travel through the O-CITY mobile app with a card linked to their account. The user can also purchase an e-ticket through a mobile marketplace.


Turnstiles & validators

Once the card is tapped on the turnstile or scanned by an inspector’s validator, the platform automatically applies the correct tariff for the journey or journeys for a set time period (day, week, etc.). 

QR codes

QR-codes & e-wallets

Passengers can pay with an e-wallet that can be replenished via a web portal or through a mobile application or with unique QR-code that is scanned on the terminal.

Closed Loop card

Transport cards

O-CITY is an open loop system with hybrid properties. The platform can be configured to accept not only international and national bank card payments, but also payments from closed loop cards such as transport cards, loyalty cards or even cards issued by the travel operator.



Passengers have the option to purchase e-tickets in self-service kiosks, through agent networks or through operator terminals and cashiers.

Key features for metro service operators

centralized fee management - white
Centralised fee management
transaction processing white
Transaction processing
Rates management
analytics white
Reports and analytics
monitoring and control - white
Fraud and risk monitoring and control
scalable white
Easy to scale solution
Easy integration
subsidies - white
Manage subsidies allocation

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