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O-CITY for Toll Roads

To successfully automate toll collection and run a toll road business, service operators need efficient yet flexible tools. Centralised processing and storage of data provides greater control and transparency for the business. With these in mind the O-CITY solution was developed. Being an open-type platform, О-CITY allows organising free passage for the driver on toll roads with comfortable payment and without wasting time for passing the toll checkpoint.


Freedom of movement

With O-CITY operators can configure infrastructure to support any type of payment, and centralised storage and processing of data allows them to effectively segment the user audience and build their tariff policy.

Configurable fare management:
  • Zonal tariffication
  • Fixed tariffs
  • Multi zonal
  • By mileage
  • By vehicle type

Flexible payment options

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Various payment methods

 Payments can be made in any convenient way. О-CITY system supports Cash, Specialized cards, Bank cards, Transponders, Smartphones with O-CITY mobile application, RFID tags.


Number plates recognition

The camera scans the number plate of the vehicle passing through the checkpoint and payment is done automatically, given the information is present in the driver account. Information from the camera is transmitted to the O-CITY system which process it.

QR codes

QR-codes & e-wallets

Drivers can pay for journeys using the QR code generated in the O-CITY app.

OCITY_task management

Configuration and control

The O-CITY platform allows to customise fares taking into account a large set of factors relevant to the service provider: time of the day, type of vehicle, freuqence of road use, payment method, driver category.

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Integration through API

О-CITY allows to integrate with other services via APIs, be it third party applications or road inspector databases.

Key features for metro service operators

centralized fee management - white
Centralised transaction processing
transaction processing white
Smart segmentation
Open APIs
analytics white
Reports and analytics
Loyalty and rewards
scalable white
Scalability of services
Easy integration
Various payment options

Real life use cases of the O-CITY platform


As part of its drive toward digital transformation and smart city programmes, Bishkek embarked on an innovative project to move away from the use of cash. 

Download the case study to discover how O-CITY's automated fare collection met these challenges head-on.

Download the Bishkek case study
O-CITY cs Bishkek cover


‘Tullave’, the card provided by Recaudo Bogota in a closed-loop card system, posed some challenges: costly usage, outdated infrastructure, limited choice of payment methods and low speed of service. 

Switching to O-CITY's complete open-loop payment system enabled customers to pay using the payment instrument of their choice.

Download the Bogota case study
O-CITY Bogota cover CS


The Ministry of Transport decided to engage in an ambitious digital transformation programme to automate public transport fare collection. 

Download the case study to learn how the O-CITY platform offers a turnkey solution.

Download the Uzbekistan case study
O-CITY Uzbekistan cover CS


Making payments across Kenya 100% digital and cashless and removing the need for print tickets were the key objectives of this project.

Kenya on it's way to contactless payments. Learn all about the journey by downloading the case study.

Download the Kenya Matatu case study
O-CITY Kenya cover

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