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O-CITY for the entertainment industry

Government authorities and private business have to ensure
attractions continue to be appealing and commercially
viable, which demands considerable investment. Technology
has a vital role to play in reaching the connected consumer.
Public entertainment operators such as cinemas, theatres,
concert halls and museums need to remain competitive
and accessible.


Thinking Digital and Smart

O-CITY is built as an open-loop, account based solution that offers a convenient centralised tool for management and personalisation of e-tickets in the entertainment area.

It can be installed solely, focusing on e-tickets management, or be installed as a part of other O-CITY functionality to create a unified ecosystem environment.

  • Audience segmentation
  • Access to big data of customer consent information
  • Personalisation of services
  • Improves accessibility for citizens and tourists
  • Optimisation of seats and of admission tickets distribution
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Concerts Festivals

OCITY_cinema theatre

Theatres Cinemas

OCITY_cultural event

Cultural Events

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Sport Events

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Admission management

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Mobile application

O-CITY provides mobile applications that are fully updated with client
credentials, allowing end users to search for the desired seat based on their
ticket type through the system and purchase with just a few clicks.

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Various payment methods

O-CITY supports a variety of payment methods such as bank cards, closed-loop cards, QR codes, NFC devices, Mobile phones

OCITY_seat management

Seats & tickets management

O-CITY solution provides a powerful segmentation feature to the service operator, which allows to modify the number of seats/e-tickets, price, track historical information on bookings through designated applications.

Key features for entertainment facilities

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Centralised fare management
subsidies - white
Subsidy management on seats
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Webportal for service provider
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Customers support service
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Unlimited scalability
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Risk management
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Account-based technology
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Seat management

Let us tell you more about admission and seats optimisation