O-CITY for parking

Traditional parking facilities that only accept coin or cash payments are inefficient and inconvenient for both users and public agencies. Users have to carry coins and return to the ticket machine to extend their parking time, while public agencies incur cash handling costs  when collecting fees, pushing up their operational expenditure.

O-CITY is a smart platform that is used by more than 100 cities worldwide for  public transport payments, including parking fees. It helps digitise the parking experience, from sourcing parking spaces to making payments at the tap of a mobile device.

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How does it work?

The user has multiple options for finding a space and paying their parking fee.


Locate the area or the parking facility using a QR code, an area code or GPS


Reference the number plate


Set the duration and the price is automatically calculated

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Pay using any payment method: card, e-wallet, account, telecom bill…a notification confirms all information from the previous steps


Extend easily using the notification’s auto-renewal options

Benefits for governments and parking operators

Improved control and fare management

Centralised management of parking fees improves control over parking services. With O-CITY, fees can be set for different categories of citizens (for example special care groups or seniors)or based on zones, time or day of the week.

Decreased cruising time and congestion on roads

With O-CITY, parking spaces are found easily thanks to its smart geolocation features. Congestion at parking facilities is greatly reduced, helping governments improve traffic management in busy areas such as city centres and shopping districts.

Decreased operational costs

Governments and parking operators no longer need to handle cash as all payments are made digitally. The adoption of O-CITY does not require replacement of validators/ticket machines or additional maintenance, resulting in substantial economies of scale.

Benefits for users

  • Reserve parking places in advance
  • Pay using a wide range of instruments
  • Price transparency
  • No fear of fines due to instant notifications and alerts
  • No fear of losing tickets
  • Time saving
O-CITY Parking phone

Key features for service providers

centralized fee management - white
Centralised fee management
loyalty - white
Loyalty & rewards
widerange payments - white
Wide range of payment methods supported
bank card, mobile payments, closed-loop cards, QR-codes, barcodes, e-wallets, wearables
monitoring and control - white
Easy monitoring and control for inspection services
integration - white-2
Simple integration with existing infrastructure
subsidies - white
Government subsidies
mobile application user - white
Mobile application for users
Third party integration

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