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Smart e-ticketing solutions

Automated fare collection has been traditionally applied only to transport. At O-CITY we look at adding value to every interaction.

Every micro-payment is an opportunity to improve the customer experience, an experience that becomes invisible, embedded into their life and available for every service the city has to offer. No more cash, no more friction, zero barriers. The city becomes open to its citizens and visitors who can tap and pay for the services they want the way they want to while keeping safe and staying in control.

O-CITY can deliver a frictionless experience at every touch point where a payment or a ticket is required.


Visitor Attraction

With O-CITY, you can offer an improved city experience through integrated, customer-centric services, improving the attractiveness of your city beyond public transport.


Easy Integration

O-CITY open architecture makes it easy to integrate with third party services and enable a single payment experience, with clearing and settlement and full transparency for all parties.



The evolution of smart cities will see increased innovation with the introduction of new transport modes and entrants and the use of the internet of things. O-CITY is a future proof platform which evolves and integrates new technology as customer demands change.



Cross-selling opportunities

The introduction of third party services increases the opportunity to generate new revenues across the city and take advantage of joint marketing and cross-selling activities with partners, while making the experience hyper-personalised and relevant to the customer through the use of smart insights or contextual marketing.

Key features

  • Customer mobile and desktop app
  • 360 degree view of the city experience
  • Open API integration of third party partners
  • Complex fare management made easy


  • Optional paid or free services
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Multiple clearing and settlement
  • Personalised dashboard and reporting


Add value to every interaction.