O-CITY for bank acquirers

Banks have become the digital stop-point for most ecosystem players and partners, providing end-to-end solutions and no longer limiting themselves to traditional settlement functions.

O-CITY as a transport pre-processing solution for transport, allows the bank to configure the system to work in transport with issued bank cards of any type, increasing its products’ popularity amongst end users and growing demand for new services.


O-CITY is certified in the VISA Ready for Transit programme, supporting all latest features of MTT. 


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Smart ecosystems

O-CITY uses open-loop technology built with hybrid features; meaning it can be configured to accept closed-loop fare media such as transport cards or smart cards as well as open-loop media, which allows any local or international branded bank card to be used for payment.

  • Improve the attractiveness of digital products
  • Increase demand for contactless products
  • Increase the number of transactions and customers
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On premises. Full payment automation

You host it - you run it

O-CITY can provide a full payment automation service package. Host the solution on your servers, manage configurations and offer payment automation to transport operators in the city or region, whose equipment will be configured to accept your digital products.

SaaS. Acquiring services

We host it - you run it

O-CITY is delivered in the cloud and provided as a service, which you can use and offer to transport or municipal operators for acquiring services.

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Improve Reputation

O-CITY’s EMV technology increases payment security for users, while the automation of payments in public transport improves end user convenience and supplier reputation.

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Open APIs

The O-CITY platform provides open APIs which enable parties to plug into the ecosystem, facilitating the introduction of new payment instruments or applications.

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Driving Cashless Agenda

Become the driver of a digital agenda, you form a basis for a unified payments ecosystem to replace cash.

Global approach

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5 data centres worldwide

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3 million transactions per day

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20% of bank initiated transactions in mass transit processed

Key features for operators

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Centralised system
Fare management
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Reports and analytics
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Notification generator
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Loyalty management
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Account management
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Manage subsidies allocation

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