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Time for open payments across the city

bpcbillet is now O-CITY. We are glad to introduce BPC’s new brand dedicated to make cities more open. Founded in 2018 and adopted by over 100 cities worldwide, O-CITY is an innovative automated fare collection platform dedicated to government, city and transport operators to digitalise the entire payment experience across public transport and city main attractions.


O-CITY stands for Open City. It was born from the vision of digitalising micropayments across the city as a key driver for a cashless economy and citizen’s well-being. With O-CITY, government, public transport operators and merchants can deliver a frictionless payment experience at every touchpoint leveraging smart, digital and open technologies, be it for tollgate, bus, train, subway, parking facility, bike rental or entertainment area.

O-CITY platform

O-CITY is a powerful automated fare collection platform (AFC) that leverages our payment expertise to enable the widest payment acceptance possible for customers. The platform uses innovative EMV and open-loop technology to offer payment choice from bank card, smart ID card, QR and barcodes, contactless NFC devices such as wearable and e-wallet.

Business users have the flexibility to centralise their entire payment operations without any vendor dependency, making it easy to update city attractions and routes, complex fare calculations, discounts and subsidies while reaping the benefits of real-time insights for optimum city management.

How can you benefit from O-CITY?

O-CITY has been adopted worldwide from green field transport projects to digital transformation programmes in cities and networks of all sizes. It helps: 

  • Deliver best-in-class experience to end customers through a dedicated app and dashboards
  • Centralise the management and personalisation of fare rules
  • Enable the widest payment choice
  • Increase payment security
  • Provide transparency and limit fraud
  • Create ecosystem of partners to add value services including banks, social partners, merchants and more
  • Provide real-time insights for operators to improve the efficiency of their services
  • Deliver cashless and contactless initiatives
  • Handle customer queries through chat functions on the app

Why choose O-CITY? 

We are on a mission to empower organisations in making people’s daily lives easier and secure, through making payments for public services fair, transparent and convenient. Payments cannot be improvised; they need high-security, instant and real-time processes. With O-CITY, you rely on a team of experts who understand how to make city payments accessible and user-friendly for all segments of the population, from the tech savvy to the new user.

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